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Look For Your CalPERS Ballot

Dear Friend,

I have dedicated my life to fighting for retirement security, quality affordable health care, fair wages, and dignified working conditions. I have the background and experience to make a real difference for retirees on the CalPERS board.

I will fight tirelessly on behalf of all retirees who rely on the security of their pensions and health care. I will work to ensure that CalPERS is fiscally responsible so that retirees receive the benefits and services they deserve.

The runoff election has started for the Retired Member Representative on the CalPERS Board. Within the next few days, you should receive your ballot, if not already. I once again ask for your vote and trust.

In the primary election, we came extremely close to winning outright by earning the votes of 54,865 retirees for 49.81% of the total vote. Unfortunately, many votes were disqualified in the primary because the ballot envelopes were not signed. Please remember to sign the ballot envelope if you vote by mail. You can also vote online or by phone. I’ll leave more information on how to vote at the button below.

When your ballot arrives, please vote. Ballots must be received by December 5, so don’t delay and send your vote early.

Thank you for your support!


P.s. You can help my campaign by following me on social media and sharing with your friends and family.

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