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How to Vote in

CalPERS Elections

All retired CalPERS members have an opportunity to vote for Yvonne Walker for CalPERS Board of Administration.


Your ballot and voting instructions will be sent on November 4, 2022, in a blue envelope.


Inside the blue envelope you will find three items:

  • Your Candidate Statement Voter Pamphlet – which provides information about the candidates and how to vote. The how-to-vote information is especially important if you haven’t tried the latest online and telephone voting options. These options allow you to cast your vote in seconds from anywhere.

  • Your ballot card – that includes a detachable paper ballot and a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you will need if you are voting online or by phone. 

  • A return envelope – if you are voting by mail, use the detachable paper ballot in your blue envelope, place your completed ballot in the postage-paid return envelope, sign the perjury statement on the back of the return envelope, and drop it in the U.S. mail.


All ballots must be received by December 5, 2022, to be counted.

Voting is simple, easy, and secure. You will be able to vote online, by phone, or by mail starting on August 27th.

Vote Online

  • Go to and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which can be found on the ballot card mailed to you in your ballot package.


Vote by Phone

  • Call (833) 442-4829 and follow the automated voice instructions. You will need your PIN, which can be found on the ballot card mailed to you in your ballot package.


Vote by Mail

  • Follow the instructions and complete the ballot that is included in the ballot package mailed to you. You must sign your name on the signature line provided on the return envelope or your vote will not be counted.


If you have lost or damaged your ballot, contact the CalPERS Customer Service Center at (877) 610-8637 for a replacement ballot packet.


Please check this page for updated information.

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