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Protecting Our Pensions

As retired public servants, we were promised a secure retirement that would last. It's no secret that our benefits are repeatedly under attack. It is morally wrong to take away or cut a benefit that we earned and were promised decades ago.


As your next representative on the CalPERS Board of Administration, I will never stop fighting to ensure that our pensions won’t be cut and that they will be protected for generations to come. I have defended our hard-earned benefits for decades and will make sure you get the money you earned.


Investment Returns

As we enter uncertain economic times of turbulent markets and increasing inflation, it is even more important that the next member of the CalPERS Board of Administration has the necessary experience to hit the ground running. I am the only candidate who has served on a pension fund and as a fiduciary.


I won't need time to get up to speed. I will be ready to serve on day one.


Health Care

CalPERS has a duty to ensure that the health benefits earned by retirees provide quality coverage at an affordable price. As a union president, I’ve negotiated successful agreements with our state’s largest health plans that increased benefits for my members while keeping premiums affordable. I will work to use the enormous buying power of CalPERS to provide affordable quality coverage for our retirees.

You can count on me to get the best deal for all of us.

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