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Yvonne Walker for CalPERS Board

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Yvonne Walker speaking with retirees


Meet Yvonne Walker

My name is Yvonne Walker, and I am running for the Retiree Seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration. I will protect the pension and health care benefits that you earned.


I have dedicated my life to fighting for fair wages, dignified working conditions, and protecting the hard-earned benefits of public employees and retirees. I have been on the front lines defending our pensions and health care benefits from the repeated attacks of those who would strip our retirement security away.


As a mom, grandmother, union president, retirement security advocate, pension fiduciary, Department of Justice state worker, and Marine Corps veteran, I have the real-world experience to bring people together and solve tough problems.

My promise to you is simple: as your next CalPERS representative, I will fight to fully fund our defined benefit pensions, protect our health care benefits, and improve customer service. You deserve a CalPERS that works for you.

Thank you, and I hope to earn your vote for the Retiree Seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.

Yvonne Walker

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